Buy me stuff, I’ll pay you back in Bitcoins

I am trying to buy some items and I would like to pay with Bitcoin. Amazon does not yet accept Bitcoin, so if you are in the market to purchase Bitcoins without having to pay the exchange fees, buy this stuff for me and I’ll pay you with my Bitcoins.

Here is my Amazon Wish List:

Terms: If I have delt with you before, you buy the items, send me a screen shot of the purchase. I will immediately send you the Bitcoins at the 1 day weighted average exchange rate.

If I have not yet dealt with you before, you buy the items, send me a screen shot of the purchase. I will send you the Bitcoins at the current 7 day weighted average exchange rate on the day the items are received.


4th of July Slide

Watch Julian entertain his family by sliding down some stairs in a sleeping bag last 4th of July.

Julian and Ann returning from…

the marriage of one of our friends. This is probably the best picture we’ve taken in many years. Felt real good this night!Coming home from Ed and Sabrina Taylor's wedding.

Jasnea’s First Poem

Just saving some posts from the old ToshFamily website…

Jasnea wrote her first poem for a 2nd grade school project. Like to hear it? Here it goes!

My Dad just can’t be beat.
He helps me feel the warmth and heat.
Boy, I have the very best seat!
Sitting upon my father’s feet.

Happy New Year!

May all your resolutions come true with zero effort!

New Domain is mine! mine! mine!

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye

For those following our journey on the Internet, please be advised, our previous domains ( and will not be renewed. This is important because when the old ToshFamily domains expire, the email relays will expire too. So if you’re still sending emails that way, they won’t make it to us.

Please update your email records to reflect our new addresses at the domain.

  • given-name at – Where given-name is Julian/Ann/Jasnea/Maryann.